FUTURA is directed by its founder’s consecrated Faith in God; always guiding his ambition to keep a moral compass aimed to doing the right thing with clear vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

FUTURA promotes a keen collaborative approach aimed to endorse a cooperative positive growth model drawn on its ability to craft successful long-term business relationships, motivated daily by proficient knowledge and expertise with close to 20 years of professional experience executing market driven single use and multi-phase mixed-use neighborhood communities.

FUTURA invests its own capital in its proficient ability to execute ground-up development, redevelopment and/or repositioning of existing operating properties with rehabilitation programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices and unique destinations driven by highest and best use market demand factors.

FUTURA’s investment platform has allowed the company, its consultants and joint-venture partnerships the ability to capitalize on Mr. Faife’s profound historic ability to track and anticipate shifts within the financial and real estate markets that influence our daily lives. Mr. Faife has abundant talent coupled with the acute ability to contextualize, visualize, underwrite and structure a decision-making process essential to the creation of profitable; thus, sustainable community life-style centers. His visionary approach encourages the creation of communities sponsored by the development of best in class single or mixed-use life-style centers, designed to capitalize on each one’s boundless capacity to empower positive growth within the built fabric and social character of each of the neighborhoods we help shape daily.


FUTURA carefully selects markets with in-depth knowledge to further its commitment in the successful investment and creation of ventures capable of enhancing each community’s story, by building a present that emboldens a great sustainable future. The company adeptly navigates the site selection, acquisition, contracting, design, entitlement, permitting, financing, construction, lease-up and management process to ensure each project is seamlessly integrated into its neighborhood, on-time and on-budget.

FUTURA leads the creation of each community in a concerted approach with best in class partners in the professional fields of law, architecture and design, engineering, finance, construction, management and operations to accomplish even the most complex mission objectives, developed within preset investment goals and parameters. Our team is dedicated to developing projects that demonstrate highest standards of practice to positively impact and energize the daily lives of the people who live, work and visit each of our carefully crafted neighborhood communities.

FUTURA’s successful growth will continue to be built on its fundamental ability to “do the right thing” one project at a time in association with the neighborhood communities it builds within its team members, joint venture partners and investors.

Market-Driven Design and Financially Sustainable Communities

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