Commercial Mixed-Use

Commercial mixed-use developments are rapidly becoming one of the most popular real estate asset types in the country with real estate developers and investors alike increasingly seeking out opportunities to integrate product types in order to achieve more sustainable communities and destinations that are able to draw residents, tenants, visitors and patrons to engage, interact, live, work, shop and play.

These destination centers also solve a problem in terms of effective land use; which, is especially true in dense, supply-constrained markets such as major metros and coastal regions.  The days of large-scale single products are on the decline as the trend toward walkable communities continues to grow by more efficiently utilizing land.  Such design efficiencies create environments that infuse healthier lifestyle choices into communities, by integrating a variety of different uses into one neighborhood.

FUTURA understands that retail consumers expect convenience and its residents appreciate the ability to walk from their apartment homes to a restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store, retail store or their office without having to leave their community or get into a car.  Furthermore, society has become conditioned to immediate gratification with the infinite number of convenience apps and services available at all times, which allow consumers to have items delivered directly to their door without having to leave their home.  


FUTURA will continue to evolve by seeking out unique investment opportunities to help promote and integrate itself within walkable community focused environments that provide a sense of convenience, as well as a vibrant atmosphere offering the all-encompassing experience that its consumers and residents desire. Mixed-use developments also provide much-needed diversification, which provides balance to an investor’s portfolio and offers some downside protection. Because these properties incorporate a variety of uses, residents and tenants, investors and developers can protect themselves against large vacancies compared to single-use products.

FUTURA recognizes that its focus in the effective use of land creating multi-use destinations with deep social value to communities by meeting residents and consumer demands, also diversifies and protects its investment portfolio. The company supports mix-use as the new wave of the future, and those who are positioned to bring mixed-use assets into communities will reap strong benefits in the long-term.

In short, destinations of the future need to deliver differentiated experiences and one of the primary ways to do that is through unique and exceptional design. Primarily by taking the concept of “mixed use” and social interaction to another level by creating spaces that encompass a multitude of human experiences beyond the traditional concepts to constitute lifestyle, accommodations, retail, work, and entertainment.

Market-Driven Design and Financially Sustainable Communities

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